Selling to Us Is a Simple Process Without the Hassle of Agents.

Selling directly to us is simple. There are NO broken chains, just a simple direct sale.

If you are struggling to sell your house then contact us now and we will buy your house directly. There will be NO agents, NO hidden costs and NO broken chains. We even pay for your legal fees.
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Frequently asked questions about the property sale process

Q. Will you offer me full market value?
A. This depends on property type & location but it is usually 25% below market value.

Q. What timescale do I have to accept your offer?
A. 28 Days. After this time we reserve the right to review our offer.

Q. Does it matter about the condition of the property?
A. No, we will look at property in any condition but will only make offers on those that are suitable.

Q. Will anyone know about the sale?
A. No, this is entirely confidential.

Q. Will you pay my legal fees?
A. This can be arranged.

Q. My property is about to be repossessed, can you do anything?
A. Our solicitor can normally prevent this.

Q. How long does completion take?
A. This normally takes 3-4 weeks but we can arrange this to coincide with your move. If necessary we can exchange within 7-10 days

Q: Why doesn’t everyone do this to sell their home?
A: Every property sale is a trade off between price and time. An estate agent usually values property highly to attract your business over any other agent, but it may take 4 months or more to achieve. In some cases people have to lower the price and put it back on the market to try again after an unrealistic price hasn’t attracted a sale. Any offer we make will be a fair, trade value, based on you achieving an immediate sale. It’s a price which means you can sell now.

Q: So how much will I have to pay in fees and charges?
A: We charge you no fee for our service. We can do this because the buyer foots the bill. In addition to this we can pay for the whole of your survey fee and up to £500 of your solicitor’s legal fees. This means that we ensure that most people have to pay absolutely nothing to sell their property quickly through us.

(Please note that if your property is already listed for sale with an Estate Agent we do not cover any fees which may be owed to them. However, this is just the type of thing that our flexible solutions can cater for by factoring this in to any agreement made with a buyer.)

Q: What types of property can you provide sales for?
A: Any property. We can offer you cash sales for flats, houses, land and commercial property.

Q: Do I have time to decide on the offer I’m given?
A: Yes. In most cases our offers will be valid for up to 4 weeks.

Q: What happens if I change my mind? Is there a cooling off period?
A: Yes. As with any property sale, you are able to walk away up until our solicitors exchange contracts.

Q: Do I have to move out of the property upon completion of the sale?
A: We aim to tailor each sale to your individual needs. You can usually stay on in the property as a tenant for up to 6 months after the sale is completed. We can also offer longer term tenancies and in some situations allow you to hold a tenancy with the “option” to buy back for an agreed price sometime in the future.

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