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There are many benefits in selling your property directly to us for cash.

There are NO estate agency fees, NO broken chains, NO legal costs, NO hidden fees. We buy houses in any condition in any UK area.
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Why Sell Your Property To Us?

There are many benefits which can be different for every seller because of the way we can tailor a sale to an individuals needs. To give you an idea of the types of advantages we can offer you, here are a few of the basics:

You will be able to sell your house "as is" without needing to decorate or refurbish.
You do not have to spend months keeping your house spotless for showing people around your home most of which are just "having a look."

You will have an offer within days, instead of the open ended scenario of hoping to eventually find a buyer on the open market.

You will have a guaranteed offer from a cash buyer instead of a sale that might fall through in the end from a broken sales chain or a failed mortgage application.

You pay no agents fee or marketing costs which can be between 1% and 3 % of the sale price. For the average UK house price, this equates to a saving of up to £5400.
If a sale on the open market becomes very long and drawn out, you are still paying the mortgage, utility bills and insurance. Whereas if you sell now, you immediately stop paying out, and can save yourself £££s.

You are welcome to use one of the solicitors firms who have signed an agreement with us to work for our clients towards exchanging missives within just 7 days.

If agreed with ourselves or your cash buyer, we can pay for your solicitors legal fees of selling up to £500.

You can realise the money in your property quickly, allowing you to quickly move on with your life.

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